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Why doctors recommend nuts and seeds?

All doctors are concerned about the health of their patients. Diet plays an important role in the maintenance of good health. Naturally, eating nuts and seeds are considered to be good for one’s health and doctors also recommend them.

Why have nuts and seeds?

  • One would like to keep one’s blood pressure levels under control.
  • Diabetics would like to control their sugar levels.
  • Teeth and bones must be strong.
  • One’s liver must function well.
  • Brainpower must improve.
  • Bowel movement must be in order.
  • Shiny and healthy hair is important.
  • Heart must function well.
  • Osteoporosis must be controlled.
  • One must be cured of insomnia.
  • Avoidance of bone impairment to walk well.
  • One has to preserve one’s eyesight.
  • Protein provides a lot of energy.
  • Promotion of overall good health.

These are some of the benefits of eating nuts and seeds. Let us observe some more reasons why one must have nuts and seeds.

  • Immunity gets boosted.
  • Good cholesterol levels go up.
  • One can control dehydration.
  • Slows down one’s aging process.
  • Increase in dietary fiber.i
  • Increases circulation.
  • Activates the thyroid.
  • Aids digestion.
  • Type 2 diabetes gets prevented.
  • Keeps the nervous system well functioning.
  • Sunflower seeds are good to treat a migraine.

It is quite obvious there are several reasons why doctors recommend nuts and seeds. The main idea is to ensure that their patients maintain good health. One must eat the right kind of diet.

Why doctors recommend nuts and seeds?

Can one afford nuts and seeds?

Yes, nuts and seeds are expensive but they cannot be done away with. It is worthwhile to spend some money and ensure that one’s diet consists of healthy foods. We tend to incur expenditure on a lot of things such as buying clothes, or gadgets. Why not spend on nuts and seeds as well?

Are nuts and seeds a rich man’s diet?

Judging by the cost one may feel they are a rich man’s diet, but nevertheless, a poor man can think of purchasing them if he or she feels that keeping good health is more important. After all, it is better to avoid doctors as one has to get oneself treated for an ailment and that can be expensive.

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Are nuts and seeds available in the local market?

Yes, nuts and seeds are available in one’s local market. One can shop around and purchase the seeds and nut one wants. Any of the supermarkets sell them.

How else can nuts and seeds be used?

One can give them as gifts as well. During festival season many gift packs of nuts and seeds to their family and friends. They are worthwhile gifts.

Can all ages have nuts and seed?

Certainly, even children and older people along with adults can have nuts and seeds. Many children bite into chocolates that have nuts and seeds. Cakes are baked with nuts and seeds, which children enjoying eating. In parties, dishes are made of nuts and seeds which are simply very delicious to eat. Women spend hours in the kitchen preparing a tasty meal with nuts and seeds and ensure that their family has a nutrition based meal.

Why must elderly eat nuts and seeds?

Eating nuts and seeds prevent aging, provide relief from osteoporosis, relieves constipation, strengthens bones and teeth, improve memory and brain power, ensure good sleep and control anxiety which many elderly experiences.

Know more about nuts and seeds….

Nuts and seeds prevent balding, prevent breast cancer, cholesterol production is boosted. Dried cranberries, for example, can prevent many cancers. Figs prevent constipation and help control one’s weight. Dried blueberries contain a lot of fiber and also prevent urinary tract infection.


Nuts and seeds are foods that one must make it a point to eat often. One need not hesitate to spend on purchasing nuts and seeds as good health is more important and one must focus on it. Why should a person unnecessarily spend on doctor’s bills, when one can eat nuts and seeds? One must remember that maintaining good health at any cost is essential for the longevity of health.

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