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We work with passion

Dr. G.S. Guptha and Murali Anki Reddy are the founders of this company. It all started with the idea of creating an alternative healthy snack for busy citizens. Because of their association in the medical field and their zeal to give back to society, they were able to innovate a product which can be easy to consume and best for health. Thus, nuts and seeds came into existence. They are now promoting low carb snacks, which are real foods and not just products which are mostly available in the market.

From a humble beginning of starting a clinic to now creating an industry outfit exclusively focusing on emerging health products, he has come a long way. Dr. Gupta is a well-known health care professional from Hyderabad with more than 3 decades of real-time exposure treating various types of patients and providing them with best-in-class holistic products. He is known to innovate and create an ideal mix of alternative health solutions which are easily adaptive and very effective in the long run.

Within a short time, they were able to make inroads to help a large section of society who were looking for this kind of food. However, not many know that there is a lot of background work which goes by in creating the final product like choosing the right product mix, the science of keeping it fresh and the process of cutting, refining and packing the product.

They have invested their energies and resources in creating a center of excellence where there are a warehouse and dedicated staff working exclusively for the quality and precision which the product demands.