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Reasons To Eat More Nuts & Seeds

Dieticians recommend the eating of nuts and  seeds as it is considered to be healthy diet. Usually, fruits, vegetables, salads and nuts are recommended towards nutritious diet. Eating such food items is good for health and also longevity of life.

Why eat nuts and seeds?

  • Weight control: Nuts help in controlling weight. Those suffering from obesity and metabolic syndrome are usually recommended to eat nuts and seeds as  they can lose weight. In fact, one does not gain weight by eating nuts and the quantity in fiber is high in them that by consuming them one can lose excessive weight.
  • Nuts reduce heart deaths among the elderly: Elderly people who have nuts and seeds are at less risk of death due to heart problem. It is important that the elderly take care of their dietary habits and consume a diet that is high in fiber and nuts and seeds fall into this category. Instead of consuming sugary foods, it is advisable to consume nuts and seeds to avoid heart disease.
  • Walnuts must be consumed: These control cholesterol and also help in maintaining ideal weight. Those who take nuts and seeds have less of blood sugar problem.
  • Flaxseeds improves upon blocked arteries: Eating flaxseeds reduce the onset and increase of plaque in the arteries. It prevents heart disease. It is, therefore, advisable to consume flaxseeds.
  • Flaxseeds reduce blood sugar as well as cholesterol: Flaxseed powder is good for diabetic patients as it reduces blood sugar levels as well cholesterol.
  • Chia seeds increase EPA levels: Chia seeds increase the essential fatty acids in our body system and  is good for post menopausal women. It must be included in one’s diet to maintain good health.
  • Chia seeds help in loss of eight: The intake of chia seeds helps one to lose excessive weight and increases adiponectin, a hormone that prevents obesity.
  • Chia seeds good for inflammation as well as diabetes:By taking 37 grams of chia seeds on daily basis blood pressure, diabetes, blood clotting and c-reactive protein are under control.
  • Sacha inchi seeds help lower cholesterol levels: This South American seed is high in Omega3 oils and is good to lower one’s cholesterol, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and raised HDL cholesterol level.

Advantages of consuming nuts and seeds:

  • Nuts are good for the heart: The high level concentration of fatty acids makes nuts and seeds heart friendly. The risk of cardiac arrhythmia is less and the risk of accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries. They purify the blood after one has consumed a fatty meal and are as good as olive oil. They keep the walls of the blood vessels elastic and are good in preventing blood pressure.
  • Good for the brain: Pistachois and walnuts do provide a large amount of amino acids as well as anti-oxidants that help in protecting one’s memory and brain. The nuts and seeds contain folic acid and Vitamin A and E that improve upon the nervous system functioning. It reduces the risks of dementia and Alzheimer diseases.
  • Nuts and seeds are anti-inflammatory: The Omega 3 fatty acids in nuts and seeds control and reduce the body’s inflammatory processes. In other words, they are useful in the healthy functioning of one’s body system. Many doctors are of the view that most people suffer from various diseases due to lack of control of the inflammatory systems.


It is true one’s chemistry is important and one must not be allergic to nuts and seeds. It is healthy to increase the intake of these items in case one is diabetic or suffering from high blood pressure.

One must encourage children to have nuts and seeds. Earlier, parents would hesitate to give nuts and seeds to children, but now it is advisable to give plenty of these essential nutrients. At the same time, if the child has any reaction then it is advisable to show  them  to  a doctor to get the required relief from the allergy.

Lot of research has been carried out on food intake and even nuts and seeds have been studied. It is essential to take sufficient amounts of nuts and seeds to ensure good health, particularly among the elderly.

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