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Have nuts and seeds for maintaining good health!

Nuts and seeds are good for health. They are tasty as well and can be consumed by those who want to improve their overall health. They are good for health conscious people.

Nuts and seeds are not fattening for those who want to lose weight; in fact, they are good for losing weight. They contain essential nutrients and phytochemicals. Nuts and seeds are indeed health-promoting sources of calories.

There are many health benefits of nuts and seeds such as cashew nuts: as :

Health benefits of cashew nuts:

  • Lowers the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Reduces the risk of developing gallstones.
  • Good for digestion.
  • Consists of magnesium which is good for bones.
  • Teeth are healthy and gums are strong enough to hold the teeth.
  • Rich in vitamins.
  • Prevents anemia.
  • Good for sleep.
  • Contains Fiber.
  • Has lots of minerals.

Incidentally, nuts and seeds have several health benefits. Nuts and seeds do promote good heart health. Several epidemiological studies have regularly shown that nut consumption is indeed beneficial for heart health. Eating five or even more servings of nuts per week is usually estimated to reduce the risks of coronary heart diseases, by nearly 35%. By eating nuts and seeds one gets protected against sudden cardiac deaths and there is the reduction in blood cholesterol as well as inflammation. They contain micronutrients which help one maintain good health such as:

  • LDL cholesterol-lowering phytosterols
  • Circulation-promoting arginine (an amino acid)
  • Antioxidants, such as flavonoids, tocopherols (vitamin E), resveratrol carotenoids as well.

Individuals who are trying to lose weight should not try to avoid nuts. In fact, those suffering from obesity should add nuts in their diet and thus aid weight loss and also improve their insulin sensitivity, which in turn could help in preventing diabetes.

Have nuts and seeds for maintaining good health

No doubt nuts must be eaten in excess. Nuts and seeds are both high in nutrients as well as high in calories, so one must consume reasonably, depending upon one’s calorie needs. One ounce per day is the usual recommended dose for women who are trying to lose weight and 1.5 – 2 ounces for men who are overweight. Slim, and highly physically active individuals can have nuts as they need the extra calories.

A vegetarian diet consisting of nuts and seeds eaten frequently increase the longevity of life. Several studies have indicated the link between nuts and seeds to the longevity of life. The Nurses’ Health Study also highlights nut and seed consumption as a good dietary option that is good for reducing the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and cancers. New research also continues to confirm such observations.

Every nut and seed have its own specific nutritional health benefits:

  • Almonds contain a lot of antioxidants. As per a study people, either ate almonds or a snack which were similar in nature each day for four weeks, and it reduced oxidative stress levels.
  • Walnuts are good for diabetics who actually ate walnuts daily for about eight weeks and thus experienced an elevated ability of one’s blood vessels to dilate thus indicating better-oriented blood pressure regulation. There is also sufficient evidence that walnuts may be able to protect one against breast cancer.
  • Sesame seeds have large amounts of calcium.and provide lots of vitamin E. They contain a lignin referred to as sesamin; lignan-rich foods may be able to protect against breast cancer.
  • Pistachios as well as Mediterranean pine nuts contain high levels of plant sterol content of all the nuts; plant sterols are of course structurally similar to cholesterol and also help to lower cholesterol levels. Pistachios reduce inflammation and also oxidative stress along with cholesterol levels.
  • Mediterranean pine nuts consist of a specific kind of fatty acid that is known to curb appetite by increasing those hormones that tend to produce satiety signal
  • Flax, chia seeds, and hemp are high in rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids as well as, hemp seeds that are especially high in protein.hye are useful for athletes.
  • Pumpkin seeds are very rich in iron, calcium as well as phytochemicals, and are beneficial for preventing prostate cancer.


Nuts and seeds must be taken by those who want to maintain good health. One must not consume too much of them but have them in moderation for health benefits.

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